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Cockpit in Web Client (old)

The Cockpit is displayed first after the login. This tab cannot be closed (x Close button is missing).

In the Cockpit the following widgets can be embedded:

  • RSS feeds

  • Daily Proverbs

  • Reports

Actions with widgets

  • RSS

  • Daily Proverbs

  • Reports

  • Websites

Adding a widget

Show more options for the widget configuration

  • Configure widget parameters

  • Show widget on the entire Cockpit area

  • If you have opened a widget in full screen mode, you can restore its normal size

Minimize widget window

Maximize widget window

Remove the widget from the Cockpit

Reload widget

You can place finished widgets on the Cockpit by drag and drop.

The configuration of the Cockpit in the Web Client has no effect on the appearance of the Cockpit in the Windows Client.

To place widgets on the Cockpit:

  1. Configure the widgets on your Cockpit.

  2. Click the left mouse button on the window bar of the widget you want to move and hold down the mouse button.

  3. Drag the widget to the desired area and release the mouse button.

To place widgets in two columns, drag the desired widget to the bottom of the Cockpit until two column rasters are visible and drop the widget.

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