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First level support

Service requests in CRM (Windows client)

The dialog Service request automatically appears on the screen if an error has occurred.

Once an error has occurred, users are encouraged to provide a detailed description of the error in the service request and to then click Send.

The error description should allow a reproduction of the error. Only then can CURSOR Software AG find and remedy the error. The input of an error description is mandatory. An empty service request cannot be sent.

The error description is sent to the user administrator, whose email address is set in CRM as the system setting for Recipient for service requests. Alternatively, multiple email addresses (separated by semicolons) can be entered here.

Reporting an error via the CURSOR ticket portal

It is recommended to add a mailing list of the application admins (see above). The app admins have a "First level support" role:

  • They can respond to any trivial errors reported.

  • A ticket must be created for any error report that appears to refer to a previously unencountered error. This can be done via email ( or using the Web form and must include the reproducible error description. A detailed error description is the only way to ensure a speedy processing of the service request.

  • Only new information should be added to an existing bug report if the same error is reported repeatedly.

Performance and profiling

A new option of automated performance logging has been added to improve the pinpointing of reported performance issues. When this feature is activated, measurements are taken and logged for the subsequent operations, whereby each measurement value without scripting and the duration of the associated scripting tasks is logged separately.

  • Loading/Opening an entity in detail view via e.g. myCRM, favorites, a link in the lookup field, search mask or browsing of datasets in the detail view

  • Opening a sub area dataset

  • Dataset creation and saving

  • Assignment operation

The automated performance logging will activate the Rich Client with the parameter run.bat performanceLog during startup. The performance measurements are entered in the log file ClientLog\Performance_%USER%_%DATE%.log.

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