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Data model

Data model

Entities and fields from CRM must be modeled in the process.

Processes generally access data, which is why a data model is needed for all executable processes. This is optional for the business model and simply serves to expand the process documentation. For the implementation model this is a necessity to ensure that the process can access the data needed for execution.


Required entities can be added to the process from the palette via drag and drop.

When an entity is added, then all fields of the entity will be added to the data model. You can remove any fields that are not needed in the selection editor for better clarity.

This will cut down the number of fields available for selection in the implementation model.

Selecting a value in the column "selected", using the shortcut STRG+A (or multiple selection via SHIFT+[click] or STRG+[click]) and then clicking SPACE BAR allows the user to change the settings for all highlighted fields.

The system will then supplement a relevant connecting line for all relationships between the entities. Selecting that line will display the names of the relationships for information purposes.

Free fields

Aside from the entities from CRM, it is also possible to add so-called free fields in the process. This option allows the addition of fields to the process that have no specific table relationship.

For the user to be able to fully utilize the fields in CRM, these fields must exist in CRM and must be configured there using standard functionalities. The field configuration of each field will then be applied to the process masks.

You could, for example, prevent the unnecessary use of entire entities in the process if you need only a number field in the mas for a process-specific value.

The search field allows the input of entity names and internal field names. All search results (max. 25 with Lucene weighting) are displayed in the table on the left. All previously used fields will be shown in the table on the right.

For the Lucene search, the search index must be created on the Field properties table in the administration console.

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