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Instances of the selected process

Instance display

All instances of the process are displayed in the overview.

Instances are processes that have started, but have not yet completed. The processes are therefore in a wait state or processing state, or cannot be continued due to an error. These states are represented by user tasks and are visualized for the user complete with step name, phase and current status. Here you can change the responsibilities for this user task. Should, for example, a user be unable to process a task due to illness or other absence, then the process owner can remove the user assignment and make the task available to the group again or delegate the task directly to another person.

Select the open task and click Delete assignment or Delegate. You will then be prompted for the person responsible:

The process is now open for processing again. The task moves back to the original group or a substitute, i.e. the new person responsible will process the task. Process instances with errors can be deleted, which completes them. You can click the icon

at any time to refresh the list while you are working on it.

Instance progress

For further information, the progress graph for a running instance can be displayed via the button


The action for the completion of which the process is waiting is marked in red. The progress achieved since the starting point is shown in bold. Selecting an action will allow the display of additional information like start time, wait time or - in the case of loops - the run counter. Using the button

to show or hide these details for all elements.

Show instance variables

The values for the current variables of a process instance can be viewed by clicking the button.

The variable name and the value are displayed in text form. Double-clicking the line will display longer text in a separate dialog pane.

Instance variables cannot be modified.

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