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An activity is a planned, current, finished or discarded task (e.g. a phone call, an e-mail, a calendar entry, a task).

Additional features are:

  • An activity is always related to at least one employee.

  • An activity, next to employees and contacts, can be assigned to other Entity s several times. A dataset of each entity always represents a master link. This is displayed directly in the activities main mask (Activity with - business partner or contact person -, Main opportunity, Main project, Delegated to - employee). All other links are displayed in the sub area.

The field Delegated by (employee) does not represent a main link, but is displayed for the information and the easier processing of the activity in the main mask Activities.

  • For better structuring, each activity has an activity type.

  • Single letters and emails can be created from an activity.

  • The Complete status of an activity can be set via a button (also for an activity of type Meeting and Appointment where you have read-only rights).

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