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Changes to the quote

If the customer wants the quote changed, you should create a new quote instead of editing the existing one for easier traceability:

  1. Open the main window Quote and open the quote the customer wants changed.

  2. Set the quote status to DENIED and mark the quote as completed.

  3. Save the quote by clicking Save.

  4. Click

    Copy dataset to create a copy of the quote.

  5. Assign those quote positions you wish to adapt from the original document to the new quote (copy).

  6. The new quote receives a new Quote number and, except for its number, is identical to the original quote. You can now edit the quote.

  7. If required, assign new datasets to the quote, like contact persons for example. Information to the quote and the made changes can be documented in an activity or a note.

  8. Create the new quote document. When the quote document is sent, set the quote status to SENT.

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