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The quote creation is part of the sales process. The process of quote creation is very individual and special. Under certain circumstances, several departments, field staff and back office may be involved.

The Quote items are part of the quote document, which contains all information to the offered products and services (amount, price, rebate etc.). For that, you create quote items to a quote in CURSOR-CRM. The quote items always belong to precisely one quote.

Quote items are generated from the products saved in CURSOR-CRM. The sum of all quote items equals the Quote value, which is displayed in the main mask Quote.

Additional features of the quote:

  • Several contacts can be assigned to a quote, with one being the main contact. The main contact is found in the Contact person field of the main mask Quote, or in the list view through the field is main contact person.

  • Through the main contact person, the respective business partner is automatically linked to the quote, so all quotes can be found in the business partner.

  • A quote can only be created to an active opportunity. Depending from the organization in your company, however, it is also possible with a system setting to create quote without an inquiry.

  • Once a quote is marked Done, a new quote can be created.

  • It is only possible to have one quote which is not marked Done.

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