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Creating a contract item


You can only reach the main window Contract items through the contract.

  1. Create a new contract or open an existing one.

  2. Open the main window Contract items. To do that, double click on the branch Contract item, located underneath the contract. The main window Contract positions is displayed in the list view.

The positions of the contract items, subtotals and texts in list view are later adapted to the contract document.

  1. To create the new item at the desired spot in the list,

  • click


and the new item is added to the end of the list

  • click



or on


and the new item is inserted above the selected row.

  1. In the dialog window select the product type and click Ok.

  2. In the following dialog window, select the product. The new contract position is created.

  3. If required, edit Amount, Unit price, Rebate and Total. Supplementary information and notes about the item can be entered in the Item text.
    You can transform a normal item into an alternative item by checking the field Alternative Item or by clicking



  1. To save the new contract item, click


Save (in the button bar above the main window).

New creations and changes to the contract items in the list view are not automatically saved (like principally in the list view). When you edit a contract item, all other items to that contract are also blocked, so that no other user may edit it. Once clicking Save in the upper sector of the main window, all contract items are released again.


If you only want to save an intermediate status, you should use the button


Save in the button bar above the main window.

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