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Creating a dataset in the Web Client

A new dataset can be created through interfaces (e.g. importing an e-mail), through application-based automatism (e.g. automatic creation of a person to a new business partner) or by manual input.

The creation of a new dataset is started with...

  • the button New on the search mask of the respective entity.

  • the button New in the search result list of the respective entity

  • the button New

    in the toolbar (button bar) of the sub area.

The creation of new business partners is carried out with the check for doublets. The check does not start until all required fields are filled on the mask. You can create a business partner with a new or with an existing person. The empty main mask is then opened in the form view, and the Quick entry mask is opened for business partners and contact persons.

Required fields must be filled, otherwise the saving of the new dataset is not possible. If some mandatory fields are not filled when you save a dataset, a dialog is displayed in which you can copy the missing values. If a field is saved in an invalid state, this field is displayed here until the input is correct.

You can also leave this dialog via the navigation path without saving the dataset. If you try again to save the dataset without filling the missing values, the dialog opens again. If all fields are filled correctly, the dataset can be saved directly.

Certain fields defined by administration are checked. If your input matches a different dataset, you will be asked to change the entry. This could be possible for a match code. Some fields can also be displayed as read-only (e.g. computed fields) or formatted without your input (e.g. only uppercase letters in the field).

The new dataset must be saved.

Cancel the new creation

The delete button is also available in new creation mode. If the newly created but not yet saved dataset is deleted after a confirmation prompt, the user remains in the current level. System state is as if the new creation had never been triggered (same number of datasets in the level, the dataset before the new creation is active).

However, two cases must be distinguished in the function:

  1. If the workspace does NOT contain any other datasets, the new creation level must be closed after deletion because the detail view cannot be displayed in the Web Client. This situation occurs when you trigger the new creation in the search template without there being any other records in the results list. Then you are back in the search mask after deleting the new creation.

  2. If the workspace contains additional datasets, the detail view can remain open after the new dataset has been deleted. Then the previous dataset (selected dataset) is displayed after deleting the new record.
    This also applies analogously in the sub area. However, a new creation dataset can only be deleted there. The assignment to the parent dataset cannot be removed during the new creation because it does not exist before saving.

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