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Creating telecommunication data

You can create additional telecommunication datasets to a person and its roles. This is necessary, for example, if a business partner has several locations with different phone connections.

The following describes the creation of an additional telecommunication dataset to a business partner.

  1. Open the main window Business partner

  2. Open the search with a click on

    Open search if it does not open automatically when you open the main window.

  3. Enter the search criteria for the desired business partner and click


  4. If the result list is too long, limit it by using the column filter. Mark the requested business partner and click


  5. In the context menu to the business partner (tree), select the function Create new and assign / telecommunication.

  6. Enter as much information into the text fields as possible (especially the Mandatory fields).

  7. Save the communication data by clicking


The new telecommunication data are not copied to the based person or the contact of the business partner.

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