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Display of the current session

A Throbber is a graphic that displays a running session in the Web Client through animation. The upper right corner shows the amount of time left until the automatic logout. By default, the session time is 3 hours. If you have not carried out an action after 3 hours, you will be logged off for security reasons. In this case, the program assumes that you have forgotten to end the session. 30 minutes before the session expires, you will be notified with a countdown.

Displays the remaining time until automatic logout


It is sufficient to switch the tabs to extend the session to 30 minutes and prevent automatic logout.

Unsaved changes of datasets are lost.

A message is displayed if the session was terminated by the server or a in case of a connection termination.

Notes on the connection termination

  • If the connection to the server is interrupted, this is visualized by means of a modal "shroud", which prevents further work with the application.

  • As soon as the connection is interrupted, new connection attempts take place at a time interval of 20 seconds until the connection is restored.

  • Once the connection is back, the "shroud" is automatically removed again.

  • If a connection cannot be established after 20 minutes, the user is informed by means of a notification that he must reload the web page.

    • The reloading is therefore not automatic, since otherwise you could lose entered and still unsaved text (e.g. activity text). In case of only one notification, you have the possibility to save this text in the clipboard before the manual reloading.

  • If the server connection attempts were not successful after 20 minutes, the client attempts to reconnect at periodic intervals to enable push messages.

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