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Importing documents in Windows Client

In case you have started the initial creation of the application file through the button in the sub view of a dataset or through Drag and Drop, the application file will be linked automatically to the underlying dataset.

If an application file is created anew through the switch in the sub view of a dataset or through the context menu in the tree and if a business partner or contact person are assigned to the parent entity, a linking wizard is started. Here you have three options. You can link the application file

  • with all (business partners, contact persons). The fields Begins on and Ends on are preallocated with the current date, with status 'open' and the priority 'high'. With Delegated to and Delegated by the logged-in user is assigned to the activity. If, for example, you have opened the main window Activities to a contact person it is automatically assigned to the new activity and displayed in the Activity with.

  • with none of them

  • individually

With this you ensure that the application files are not arbitrarily linked with contact persons or business partners of the parent entity.

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