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Printing a dataset in Windows Client


Creating a printout can be compared with executing report whereas the data are selected previously when the main window respectively the search window are invoked. You can save documents created with the printout as PDF-file and use them for other purposes or route alternative printing jobs directly to a printer.
The printout from the form view of the main window also contains information from linked information areas (entities). The title bar of the report viewer always displays the current name of the report.

The print button can have a pull-down menu. The entries can be configured and sorted by your administrator. So, you have several printing options (reports) available.

Routing print jobs to the printer

  1. Click the button

    click the keys CTRL+P. The data are then displayed in report viewer.

  2. Click the Print button

    in the report viewer.

  3. Select a printer from the list and confirm with OK. The document is printed out.

  4. After printing, close the report viewer.

If the user preference Report / Print report directly has been activated, the report is not displayed but directly routed to the standard printer and printed out.

If the user preference Report / Show report properties has been activated, still adaptable parameters are displayed for a report before the report is started.

Saving reports as PDF-file

  1. Click the button

    The data are then displayed in report viewer.

  2. Click the Save button

    in the report viewer.

  3. Select the file type: PDF (*.pdf), assign a name to the file and confirm with Save. The PDF-file is created and saved. You can use the document otherwise.

  4. After that, close the report viewer.

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