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Printing documents in Windows Client


Direct printing works only with file types that are linked with a printable application, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, Notepad, Acrobat Reader and so on. If this is not the case or if the link between the file type and the application to be executed is missing, a message is displayed stating that the document cannot be printed. Please contact your administrator in such a case.

Printing documents in the main mask

Application files, which are not saved in the CURSOR-CRM database, can be directly printed out in the main mask.

The form view of the main window the function Direct print is provided in the context menu as well as with a print button

on the toolbar.

How to print out a document:

  1. Open the dataset of the document to be printed out in form view.

  2. Click on a field in the main window with the right mouse button. Select in the context menu

    Print the document
    the button
    in the main window toolbar.

  3. The document is directed to a standard printer.

Printing assigned documents

In the dialog to the selection of the assigned documents you will find a button to print out the selected document.

How to print out an assigned document:

  1. Open the dataset to which a document was assigned to and click

    Open overview of assigned documents.

  2. Click the button

    Print on the toolbar of the dialog window.

  3. The document is directed to a standard printer.

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