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Creating a single document in Windows Client

How to create a new document:

  1. Open the navigation area


  2. To create the new dataset, click

    Click on the button
    Create new documents in the sub area.
    A dialog window is displayed for the next two steps.

  3. To add a file, click

    Add and select the desired file in the merger. Proceed with Next.

  4. Enter a subject and keywords to easily find the document again. With Type you decide, whether the application file is to be saved in CURSOR-CRM as a copy or a link.

  5. Select a category. All other fields are already filled.

  6. Click Done.

  7. If required, allocate other datasets to the document.

Alternatively, you can import a single application file through Drag and Drop and save it as a document in CURSOR-CRM.


The File-Upload via Drag and Drop works if you drop the file to the logo or to the COMMAND field. In this case the document will not be linked to any other dataset.

The maximum size of the document is 2GB.

If a dataset is loaded in the navigation area, the new document will be linked to the superordinate dataset. After Drag and Drop, proceed with step 4 as described above.

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