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Creating a contract document

How to create a contract document:

  1. Open the main window

    Contracts. Close the search window, if it is opened automatically when opening the main window.

  2. In the Pull-Down-Menu select

    the New/Contracts item
    click the switch

    and select


  3. Select the desired document template in the merger and confirm with OK. The wizard to create the contract is started.

  4. Step 1/2 - Subject
    Enter the desired document description. If you have already entered a subject in the contract mask, it has been adopted automatically.

  5. Step 2/2 - Create activities
    By activating or deactivating the checkbox, activities can be created to the document.

  6. Step 3/4 - (only if a protocol activity should be generated)
    Add to the fields for the protocol activity.

  7. Step 4/4 - (only if a reminder activity should be generated)
    Add to the fields for the reminder activity.

  8. Once all data are entered click Done.

When the protocol activity or the reminder activity is activated, the assistant extends one step each. In these steps entries for the activities to be created are enquired.

  • The protocol activity serves for taking a protocol to the creation of the contract.

  • The reminder activity reminds you on a selectable moment (default creation date +3 days) that you have created this contract to enquire after the recipient for example.

You can select an employee in the system to send him/her the created activities using the button Employee assignment. Otherwise the activity is delegated automatically to the logged-in employee.

The created activities as well as the contract document are allocated to the contract.

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