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Tools and options in Windows Client

Borrowed documents

You can have a list displayed of all borrowed documents through Extras /Borrowed documents.

Show running tasks

You can have a list displayed about running tasks (e.g. several opened search windows) through Extras / Show running tasks.

Active users

You can view a list of all logged-in users through Extras / Active users.

Check for office installation

As user you can initiate the update of the file via a menu entry. Changes should become right active.

There is no acknowledgement after one click. The file is created anew.

Technical background:

For performance purposes we have abandoned the check of an office installation during system start. Instead, the information is read from the local file

c:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\[VERSION]\[APPSERVER]\save\

. If the file does not exist, it will be implemented created by the client (a check of the MS-Office installation).

In case to the time of the initial start of the client the computer has no Office-installation or if there has been an error in checking the office version, then this information is recorded in the file A post-installation of MS-Office will then not be identified by the application any more. Currently, the user or administrator had to delete the local file in order to have the Office application check run again.

Start workflow

You can have a table be displayed with the available workflows through Extras / Start workflow.

Show all dialogs

With certain dialogs, you can set whether they are displayed again in the future or not. To cancel these settings and make all dialogs visible again, you can use Options / Show all dialogs.

Change password

The password, which you need to sign in to CURSOR-CRM, can be changed as follows:

  1. Click Options / Change password.

  2. Enter your current password and press OK.

  3. Enter your new password and confirm with OK.

  4. Enter your new password again to confirm and press OK.

As a user, you cannot change the password from the main window Employee.

Open dataset of user photo

With a click on the menu item Open dataset of user photo you open the dataset in which the desktop photo is stored. Like any document, you can historicize, edit or delete this image file.

Save current window level

The work area is made of many datasets which you have opened to work on. In the main window, only the active dataset is displayed. Under the tree, you can find the faded out windows (levels).

When you want to close your work with the application, without having to search and open the already opened datasets after a new log-in, you can save the working area.

  1. Open the menu item Options

  2. Click Save current work. Your work is saved.

Restore window level

Once you have saved your work, you can open it again after a new log-in.

  1. Open the menu item Options

  2. Click Restore window level. All datasets you have worked with earlier on are opened.


Before you close the application, store your window level. Once logged in and opened it anew you find your level just like you have left it.

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