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Favorites in Windows Client (old)

This feature needs an effortful control using the menu. CURSOR suggests to use the new and more efficient favorite management using the toolbar. Favorites being managed that way are marked by an asterisk and can be easily recognized.

Open a favorite

Data you work with frequently can be marked as favorites, so they can be accessed directly in the future.

When you want to open a favorite, open the menu Favorites and select the desired dataset from the list. Independent from the main window, which is opened at this point, the favorite is directly loaded in a new level.

Adding a dataset to your favorites list

This is how you add a dataset to your favorites list:

  1. Open the desired dataset from the Main window.

  2. In the menu Favorites, click Add to favorites.

  3. Enter a name for the favorite and click OK. The dataset is entered into the favorites list.

The favorite will appear in the Favorites list under the name. The name should therefore be unique.

You can place the dataset at a certain position through the favorites management.

Manage favorites list

When your favorites list grows, you can manage it through sub folders. Categorize your datasets, according to topics for example. For that you create a sub folder to a topic and move the relevant datasets there:

  1. In the menu Favorites, click Manage favorites.

  2. Click on

    and enter a name for the group and confirm with the ENTER ↵ button.

  3. To move favorites to that group, move them with the mouse onto the group description.

To change the position of a dataset in the favorites list, mark it and move it with the buttons


When you want to remove a favorite from the list, select the relevant entry and click Delete.

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