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Generating document names

Document names with generated documents

With generated documents, like for example single letters, quotes, serial letters, contracts the file name is generated automatically. It has two elements:

  1. a subject of the assistant

  2. a time stamp

So appealing names are assigned to make it easier to indicate a document's content.


Subject = Contract quote 65485 Document name = Contract_quote 65485_20090123.doc

Invalid characters within the document name are replaced by the _ (underline character).


Subject = Contract quote <65485>
Document name = Contract quote_65485_20090123.doc

Document names in application files

When adding an application file (external file), the name of the file is directly used as document name.

Individual assignment of a document name

You can edit the name of a document later. To do so, the change is directly made in the document mask in the field Document name. To directly open the document the link is provided at the title block of the document name. Note The following characters are not permitted for assigning the document name:


  1. The following characters are not allowed when assigning the document name: " * / : < > ? \ |
  2. The number of characters in the document name is restricted to 100.
  3. Changing the document name is only provided for internal documents. In the case of external or linked documents, the field remains read-only.

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