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Copying an activity in Windows Client

This is how you copy (duplicate) an activity:

  1. Open the activity you want to copy, in the main window Activities (form view).

  2. Click

    Copy and link dataset
    Copy dataset.

  3. A new activity is created, which differs from the original in the following:

    • The word Copy: is put in front of the Subject.
    • Date and time of Starts on and Ends on are updated

    • Status is set to Open
    • In Delegated to your abbreviation is filled in
      All other data and allocations of the copy are an exact copy of the original.
      There is a link between the original and the copy (
      Copy and link dataset).
      There is no link between the original and the copy (
      Copy dataset)
  4. Apply the necessary changes to the copy.

  5. Save your changes.


  1. You can link the copy of an activity directly to the original by choosing the default option (
    Copy and link dataset)
  2. If an MSG-file is attached to the activity this file is not copied along with the activity.
  3. If an activity with linked documents is copied, you will be asked in the next dialog whether the documents should be copied or only linked.
  4. It might happen that some fields are not copied depending on administrative settings preventing that action.

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