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Reading a Document in Web Client

You can only open the document for reading. This prevents macros and field updates, which would change the document, to be executed. In addition, other users can still access the document.

  1. Open the Documents dataset in the detail view.
  2. Click
    Open document for reading and confirm the security prompt of your browser with OK.
  3. The document is downloaded and opened.


  1. You can edit the document using the default application and save it to any directory on your computer. The changes do not affect the document in the CURSOR database. You create a local copy of this document.
  2. If a document has already been borrowed for editing, the document cannot be opened by the same user for reading.
  3. Documents generated in CRM, e.g. single letter, serial letter, etc., are always opened without a warning because they are considered trustworthy.
  4. Documents imported by the user or interface are always checked for trustworthiness before being opened (read or edited).
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