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Local copy in Windows Client

A copy of the application file saved in the CURSOR-CRM database is copied and saved to any folder on the local computer or the network.

  1. Open the document through the main window Documents.

  2. In the list view, mark the desired document, or have it displayed in the form view.

  3. Click

    Local copy... on the toolbar at the main window.

  4. Select a location and, if necessary, assign a new file name. Click Save.

Creating a copy of a document in a local directory can also be applied to several documents. To do so, mark the documents to be copied.



you can mark a list of datasets.


+ <mouse click> you can mark arbitrary datasets.

In doing so, the following rules apply:

  • External documents (from a linked document management system) are not locally copied .
  • For borrowed documents from other users it can be decided whether the latest version of these documents is or is not to be copied.
  • For own lent documents the user can ask the documents back automatically before they are copied.
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