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Deleting an address

This is how you delete an address to a business partner.

Please note that deletion inactivates the address dataset. This means it is also removed from the remaining linked entities, like e.g. the person or the contact persons. If the address becomes invalid to the business partner only, you may not delete it, but you must remove its allocation.

  1. Open the main window Business partner

  2. Open the search with a click on

    Open search window
    if it does not open automatically when you open the main window.

  3. Enter the search criteria for the desired business partner and click


  4. If the result list is too long, limit it by using the column filter. Mark the requested business partner and click


  5. With a double click on the branch Addresses (in the tree below the business partner) you open the main window Address.

  6. In the list view, mark the dataset to be deleted and click


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