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myCRM in the Web Client


In the myCRM area, you can customize the organization of the favorites and directories according to your personal preferences.

The name of the sector myCRM can be freely configured. Usually the product name is used (myCRM, myEVI, myHelVIS, myTINA). However, system-wide your administrator can select another name.

Your administrator can also customize this area. It is possible to store directories, searches, reports or datasets as a system-wide default in the myCRM area. You can recognize this by a lock symbol. Users without permissions cannot undo the configuration of the administrator.

Figure: myCRM area with the administrator's preferences


Use navigation arrows to navigate to the directory structure of the myCRM area.

Focus on the main directory in the myCRM area.

If a link in the myCRM is copied to the clipboard via context menu, the icon becomes active. Clicking on the symbol in the desired directory will insert the link from the clipboard.

To create a new folder, click the icon and enter a name for the new folder.

Context menu

Via the context menu of the active entry (click with the right mouse button) a myCRM bookmark can be deleted, renamed, copied, cut or pasted. In addition, you can directly display a search form of the myCRM search.

In addition, you can also open a context menu on the free area of the current folder and insert the copied entry

Figure: The context menu in the myCRM area of the Web Client.

On touch devices, you can enable the context menu with a long tap (Long Touch).

Open search form now

Does not execute the search directly, but displays the search form. This is useful if you do not want to run a search immediately but want to change criteria before.

Open search form by default

For each search entry, you can specify whether or not the search mask should appear when it is executed.

The button is deactivated due to preset system entries.

Folder for the CURSOR-CRM app

In your myCRM area, you define an arbitrary folder whose content is managed by the CURSOR-CRM app.

Figure: Context menu of a folder

To enable the CURSOR-CRM app folder:

  1. Move the mouse over any folder (e.g. mySmartphone) in the myCRM area

  2. Click the right mouse button

  3. In the context menu select

    Smartphone client folder. The Smartphone folder is activated.

All searches and bookmark datasets in this folder are listed automatically after logging into the CURSOR-CRM app.

Figure: Activated folder for the CURSOR-CRM app

You can only enable one folder for the CURSOR-CRM app.

To disable the CURSOR-CRM app folder:

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the Smartphone folder

  2. Click the right mouse button

  3. In the context menu select

    Smartphone client folder. The Smartphone folder is disabled.


Create a folder with the name Autostart in myCRM and include the desired searches and favorites datasets. After the next login, the datasets are automatically opened and the searches are executed.

You can create the folder Autostart and other sub folders at any location in myCRM. You cannot create multiple Autostart folders. The order of searches and favorites in the Autostart folder is not taken into account.

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