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Lookup by validation

If a value is entered in the key field of a lookup field, a list of suggestions opens. Entries in this list can be selected with the mouse or the keyboard. An entry is made up of the key and its description.

Deactivated keys are not displayed in this list. If a pre-selection was defined (e.g. via a mask script), the display quantity is then adjusted. If there are more than ten matching suggestions, the list shows only the first ten entries. The order is determined by an internal weighting. If the desired entry is not among the first ten entries, you must restrict the search results by entering further entries in the key field.


Lookup using validation uses the database of the Juhuuu! search. Your administrator must ensure that the desired data has been indexed.

In lookup selection lists, no entry is selected by default. Only an explicit immersion with the arrow keys or selection with the mouse leads to a selection. You can then use the ENTER ↵ button to select the value directly. In lookup suggestion lists, a maximum of 10 entries are displayed according to the user's input criteria and displayed as 11th entry then the default text There are N more hits appended. This 11th entry is neither accessible via keyboard nor via mouse. The entry appears with gray font to visualize that this is not a selectable entry, but only a hint for further restricting.

If the suggestions do not meet your expectations, you can search with a click on LookupKey.svgLookup individually.

For a key field, the specified text is entered as a sort of pre-filter into the table column with the key value. If the input text contains a space (for example, part of the key and part of the label), the text is transferred up to the first space. In the case of looking up for entities, the input text must be entered in the Juhuuu! field of the search dialog, in case a Juhuuu! field is configured.

If a (partial) term was entered in a lookup field and "There are more suggestions" or the magnifying glass icon in the lookup field was clicked in the suggestion list, the search is executed directly and the search results list is displayed.

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