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A project is an action which binds internal capacities (staff) for a period of time. All measures and activities necessary to plan, prepare, realize and edit this action are considered as project. An overall project can be divided into several sub projects with Project link.

Examples of projects are:

  • Marketing or PR campaign

  • Processing a customer order

  • Internal projects, like implementing new software, creating annual reports, supervising the board

Binding internal capacities and all other efforts for supplies, rent etc. create costs. The total costs can be assigned to a project. By observing budget, costs, status and progress, an efficient controlling and risk management is warranted.

Concrete marketing-related activities to gain orders are requests.


  1. When beginning a project, create an activity in which you describe the circumstances, the contents and the goal of the project. Attach documents as application files to the activity.
  2. When communicating about a project, you can add a link to the project in an e-mail. The recipient of the e-mail can then open the project directly from the e-mail link.
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