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Social Media


The well-known social networks can be integrated into CURSOR-CRM:

  • The profile addresses of the well-known social media networks can be stored for each business contact.

  • The networks stored for a business or contact person are visualized on the profile tile and can be opened directly.

  • Marketing messages from a multi-channel campaign can be published directly on the company's own fan page using the CURSOR Publishing Module.

  • In conjunction with the marketing automation solution EVALANCE, advertising messages can also be shared with friends via the social share function.

In the detailed view of the business partner and contact person, you will find the sub area

Social Media, where you can store links to profiles of the most popular social networks.

The following social networks are available:

  • Facebook

  • Google+

  • Linkedin

  • Twitter

  • Xing

How to create a link to the profile:

  1. Open the main window Contact person or Business partner you want to create the link to.

  2. Switch to the tab

Social Media in the sub area.

If the Social Media tab is not visible, click on + in the column header of the sub area and add the area to the visible area tabs.

  1. Click

New. The dialog window for the new creation is opened.

  1. Click Create new social media. The main window of the profile is opened.

  2. Select in the lookup field Medium the social network. Also complete the description and enter the profile name.

  3. Save the dataset by clicking


You can create any number of profiles for a contact person or business partner.

Open social media link on the contact person tile

To open a profile link, expand the menu of the contact person and click on it.

The social media page opens in the browser.

Contact person tile with configured social media profiles

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