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Search management

By clicking the icon

(or the icon
), you will be taken to the search administration. In Search administration, you can sort the available searches for the underlying entity, or only view your searches.

Select the check box for the desired search and click Save as bookmark. The search is applied and displayed.


If a search refers to an entity that has not been unlocked, the icon will be grayed out.

The filter buttons My searches only and All user searches will be hidden in case of missing action right. The first list entry is automatically selected both after changing the area and changing the option My searches only / All user searches.

A double-click opens the search in the detail view.

Figure: Search administration

A search existing in the system can be set as a user, group or system-wide default search and can also be removed as such - provided the necessary permissions are granted.

Figure: Assignment of searches via the selection menu

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