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Windows Client

The splash screen is located in the directory Client\jboss\CARMEN\bin\splash. An individual splash screen can be saved for each language. A file with the language suffix must be saved under \bin\splash. For German that would be Splash_de.png and for English Splash_en.png etc. The batch file checkSplash.bat (currently) only checks the languages German and English. The batch file must be adjusted accordingly if another language is needed. This image will always be used if a Splash.png is in the custom directory. The files under bin\splash are not verified. The various splash screens are checked in the following order:

  • If there is a Splash.png in the custom directory, it will be used.

  • If there is a language-specific splash screen (e.g. language German and bin\splash\Splash_de.png is available), then it will be used.

  • If there is no splash screen for the language, then bin\splash\Splash.png will be used.

  • Only the Splash.png exists under bin\splash in the built client.

Web Client

Customizing the splash screen is no longer recommended, as a new login page has been implemented in the Web Client: → Configuration of the login page in the Web Client

There are the following entries in jboss\bin\standalone.conf(.bat):

REM *** Name of the applications version (CURSOR-CRM, EVI, TINA, HELVIS, INHOUSE)
REM The url of the splash screen to be used, the size should be 600 x 384 px
REM Example

REM The url of the product logo to be used, the heigth should be 25 px
REM Example:

The splash screens are saved in German and English.

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