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Start process as link

The link feature must be ready for use in the client to use this functionality. Only those processes can be started that are assigned to the events System start and/or Always add to other events.

The general character limitations for URLs apply, because the process call-up occurs via URL. These limitations may vary depending on environment and executing program and version (browser, Outlook).

The link execution will abort with an error if the parameter cannot be converted. A relevant message will be included in the log file.

<Product version>://'PROCESS&<Process ID>[(&<Parameter Name>:<Paramater Typ>[:<Field name>=<Value>)*]'


carmen://'PROCESS&ExampleProcess&PString:String=A random text&PInteger:Integer=1987&PDouble'

  • Product version - carmen, evijet, inhouse, helvis

  • Process ID - the unique process identifier

  • Optional parameter list

Parameter definition

various parameter types are supported.

  • Parameter name: One contiguous name without spaces. The following characters are permitted: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _

  • Parameter type: Specifies the data type of the parameter

    1. String - a text parameter.

      • Valid values: Text, a text including spaces

      • Example URL: carmen://'PROCESS&Beispielprozess&Parameter:String=Ein Text'

    2. Integer - a whole number parameter without thousands separator.

      • Valid values: 1, 1987

      • Example URL: carmen://'PROCESS&Beispielprozess&Parameter:Integer=1987'

    3. Double - a number with American writing convention (full stop instead of comma) without thousand separator.

      • Valid values: 1.0, 12.3456

      • Example URL: carmen://'PROCESS&ExampleProcess&Parameter:Double=12.0'

    4. Boolean - a Boolean parameter.

      • Valid values: true, false

      • Example URL: carmen://'PROCESS&ExampleProcess&Parameter:Boolean=true'

    5. Date - a date value with fixed notation convention. The following notations are supported. yyyy-MM-dd or yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss

      • Valid values: 2013-12-24, 2013-12-24T12:00:00

      • Example URL: carmen://'PROCESS&ExampleProcess&Parameter:Date=2013-12-24', carmen://'PROCESS&ExampleProcess&Parameter:Date=2013-12-24T12:00:00’

    6. Lookup - the primary key for a reference value. The internal field name must be stated for the lookup.

      • Internal field name: ActTypeKey.Activity, CustomerKey.ContactPerson

      • Valid values: S_ACTTYPE-E, Primary key of a dataset

      • Example URL: carmen://'PROCESS&ExampleProcess&Parameter:Lookup:ActTypeKey.Activity=S_ACTTYP-E’

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