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An opportunity is a sales project. The focus is on the mapping and implementation of the individual measures of the sales-oriented activities. It serves for collecting rough data for later quotes / contracts.

Parameters relevant for evaluating a quote, Project value, Costs and Marginal Return margin, are calculated from the current quote. Additional parameters like Project status and Success prospect allow reliable forecasts and provide support to the sales controlling. Once the customer's budget is official or does an appraisal exist, the balance between customer budget and opportunity value is calculated. That way you can see whether the budget could be raised within the available budget at a glance.

Additional features of an opportunity:

  • No single positions are collected for an opportunity.

  • An opportunity has to be assigned to a business partner.

  • An opportunity has to be assigned to a sales employee.

  • Several quotes or contracts can be created to an opportunity.

  • The Project status indicates, whether an opportunity is active or inactive.

  • A quote can only be created to an active opportunity.

The current quote to an opportunity is either...

  • the quote the customer receives, which can exist once, or...

  • the quote which is in an editing process (can exist once), or...

  • the last completed quote. There may be multiple completed quotes.

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