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Reports in Windows Client


A report (also called analysis or evaluation) is a printout in the format DIN A4, whose contents are made from data of a software system (in this case CURSOR-CRM).

A so-called draft report serves as template. This is an imaginary DIN-A4 sheet with space holders for fields, sums, graphs and other elements. A search from CURSOR-CRM provides the data.

A specific software module then enters the data into the space holders and that way creates the completed report.

Making reports

This is how you do a report:

  1. Open the menu Reports. Select a report from the menu items. Sub menus offer more reports to select from. Click the selected report.


    In the menu Reports the icons matching the output format of the report are used. With PDF-files, for example, the icon of Acrobat-Reader, for Excel the Excel-symbol. For reports, the

    icon is used.

  2. With the search you define the data to be evaluated. Except for the missing results list, the handling is identical to the search to a main window.

  3. Start the report with

    Search and edit. The result of the report is displayed.

Reports like the business partner portrait contain a lot of information, like e.g. about activities. These details can be limited or changed with the

Report properties in order to configure the output of the reports more flexible.

Affect report properties


Report Properties. The dialog window shows available parameters of the report for the sub reports and sort options:

  • Subreports
    The amount of data in the subreport can be set using the first parameters. Through the checkbox a sub report can be completely hidden.

  • Sorting options
    Parameters can be set as text, number or selection parameters (check). These parameters are transferred to the report. Each parameter is available in the sub reports as well.

    • Text parameters
      Instead of writing a text you can select from a list of values.

    • Sort parameters
      You can manipulate the sort order in the report or subreport. All fields that have not yet been used for sorting are selectable. If the report has an implicit sorting, it can not be changed and will only be listed. Implicit sorting parameters have a higher priority than the sorting parameters of the user.


If the report properties have not been changed, the report will use the standard values from the administrator. Sorting options, which are not maintained, will not be considered while executing the report.

Reports in myCRM

Every user has the possibility to furnish the reports within the permissions with individual search criteria and save them in myCRM.

Saving reports in myCRM

This is how you save a report in myCRM:

  1. Open the menu Reports. Select a report from the menu items. Sub menus offer more reports to select from. Click the selected report.

  2. Adapt the search through individual search criteria.

  3. Click the button

    Copy current report to myCRM. The entry will now be added to the currently open folder in myCRM. With that, individual search criteria as well as a differing loaded search are saved. When the loaded report is started through a myCRM entry, then analog to the default search mask one more button is provided (
    ) to save the current changes in the original myCRM entry.


In the save dialog, the name
[Name of report] - [Name of individual search]
is proposed for the individual evaluation. If an individual search is not used, the name part specifying the search will be omitted.

Loading reports in myCRM

How to save a report in CURSOR-CRM:

  1. Click the flap myCRM and select your individual report.


    The icons used are adapted to the entity of the report.

  2. The report search mask opens. The previously saved selection criteria are filled. Any deviating search will be loaded if it was selected when saving the myCRM entry.

  3. Start the report with

    Search and edit. The result of the report is displayed.

If the user has no read-permission to the report or the search no action is made. A notice message will appear instead.


Due to performance reasons we waive a read-permission check for the report or the search for creating a myCRM-level.

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