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User preferences in Web Client

As a user, you can set some user preferences via the Profile of the user directly in the Web Client. You can save each change by clicking Save. The last saved settings can be restored by clicking Reset.




Main colour of the application

Here you can define any color for the entire application. (frame, button)

Activity types for schedule

Activity types are defined, which are displayed in the CRM Schedule. The following types are activated by default:

  • Task

  • Meeting

  • Appointment

In the Month view, ONLY meetings and appointments are displayed. In other views, all available activity types are displayed.

Select the content when entering a field

If enabled, fields that are entered are automatically marked.

Use equal function during lookup validation

The setting is only displayed and cannot be changed in the Web Client

Enable autom. focus transfer in lookup fields

  • If the Field must not be left setting is set, the focus is returned to the field and the suggestion list is opened

The focus cannot be held in the field for technical reasons.

  • The lookup browser is opened when setting Validation over lookup browser.

  • The Restore last field value setting is corresponds to the previous behavior.
    You will be informed of the incorrect entry with a notification (bottom right).

Enable autom. focus transfer in lookup fields

If active, the focus remains in the lookup field, if you have applied a value from the default list. If not active, after the selection in the lookup field, the focus jumps to the next field.

Skip lookup buttons during focus transfer

If active, the lookup button is skipped. If not active, you can use the INPUT ↵ button to switch to the list view of a key table.

Lookup button ignores current field value

If you click on the magnifying glass in a key field, the value that was previously entered in the field is entered as a selection in the column header.

Show extended toolbar in memo fields

If it is set, the source code button is displayed in the HTML editors (activity, memo view, mail view).

Show search fields with or without dependent function

When active, the search operators can be displayed and modified.

Show desktop notifications

When active, notification messages are displayed for new entries of the Reminders, Jobs, Remaining Tasks, and News areas. By default, the notification windows are active.

Use Infoboard desktop

Switches the desktop to info tile mode.

Application language

The desired language can be set independently of the system default. Switching to the desired language is available in all languages in which the application is available (English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian).

The change of this setting takes effect only after logging off and logging on again.

As of version 2023.2, the following settings are no longer available, with system defaults set:

  • Validate lookup fields with "is equal to"
    User can no longer influence the validation. For this purpose, the setting on the part of the administrator can be used for a dedicated field, where the validation with "is equal to" is necessary.
    current default as system default → inactive

  • Enable autom. focus transfer in lookup fields
    Since it can be assumed that in the majority of cases the user will want to correct an incorrect entry, this has been simplified
    current default as system default → field may not be left

  • Automatic focus change for lookup fields
    Normally, INPUT ↵ is typically just a confirmation of the input, while ↹ TAB

    also triggers navigation to the next field.
    For reasons of convenience, the automatic focus change therefore also takes place with "Enter" or "Click"
    current default as system default → active
    In this context, focus change for lookup fields is also enabled after selecting the value in the lookup browser

  • Skip lookup buttons when changing focus
    The use case that you want to open the suggestion list or the lookup window by keyboard is still possible by using the down arrow or the shortcut CTRL+N.
    Focusing is skipped for all other use cases
    current default as system default → active





Here you can define the colors for the activities

Time interval for activity default search in days

The setting is only displayed and cannot be changed in the Web Client.

Reminder time interval (in minutes)

The setting is only displayed and cannot be changed in the Web Client.

Font size field descriptions (in pt.)



Text fields font size (in pt)

Here you define the font size for text fields

Label font size (in pt)

Here you define the font size for field labels

Table font size (in pt)

The font size of the list view takes effect:

  • in the list of results of the single field search,

  • in the classic search results list,

  • in the sub area list and

  • In the sub area.

Default font for memo fields

Define the default font for the memo field in Activities

Zen mode



Activate Zen mode

The "Zen mode" is intended to simplify working with the system. It is especially suitable for beginners or occasional users.

The Zen mode describes the default value for a group of user preferences. If Zen mode is inactive, the individual buttons can still be set individually by the user.

Automatically maximize main and sub areas

If active, the areas are maximized.

If inactive, the areas must be enlarged manually

Save last active folder

The last active folder is persisted.

Use simple icons

If active, simple icons are used (without additional symbol).

Determine number of datasets

If active, the number of datasets is determined.

Hide empty sub areas

The tabs to sub areas with an empty dataset amount are hidden.




Save last used folder

If active, the last opened folder is saved to myCRM. After the next login, this folder is displayed. If not active, the root directory of the myCRM area is displayed.

Sub area



Determine number of datasets

If active, the number of datasets in the sub area is determined. If not active, it is not determined.




Import internal mails

If active, internal mails are also imported.

Import mails from folder [Import Folder]

During Activity synchronization, all emails from the folder "Import folder" are read out and be offered for an import.

Notifications for imported activities

Notifications are displayed when an activity has been imported.

Import period for activity synchronisation in days

Only activities within this time frame (from current date to the future) are imported.

Internal mails with salutation

For employees, who are recipients of an email, a personal salutation is generated by the system.

Storage type for contacts

(Contact partner synchronization)

The name is highlighted in the Outlook contact overview. You can decide how the name is composed for the contacts imported from CURSOR-CRM (e.g. name, last name) through Save properties of contacts.

Search D&D Mails in all folders

Show activities after import

  • "Do not open" (default): After a successful mail import, an info notification about the successful e-mail import/the successful activity generation appears, which disappears automatically after 15 seconds. The activity is not opened.

  • "Show always": The first activity is automatically opened after the successful import of an e-mail.

  • "User request": In the wizard, the button "Execute process" no longer has a default action and the drop-down opens, which shows the two options "Import and show result" or "Import only". If the "Drag and drop mail import without wizard" user preference is enabled, this option behaves like "Do not open" and still does not show a wizard.

Drag and drop mail import without wizard

Implements mail import via drag&drop without further treatment of the wizard.

Add contact person details to subject

The additional information is written in the subject, even if the entered contact person belongs to the system owner. When sending emails, this is only valid for internal emails. During external sending of emails, contact person details will never be added to the subject, no matter how the user preferences were set.

Convert attachments of an email to PDF

4 options are available:

  • Never

  • Only for external emails (default – this also applies to custom signatures of type "external".)

  • Only for internal emails (This also applies to custom signatures of type "internal")

  • Always

When forwarding emails with attachments in CRM, the attachments are not converted to PDF. The attachments are always forwarded in their original format.

  • Automatic sync of new mails (default: active)

  • Automatic sync of new appointments (default: not active)

  • Automatic sync of new tasks (default: not active)

  • Automatic sync of existing appointments/tasks (default: active)

Selection of objects for automatic Groupware synchronization

Automatic synchronization of contacts

The setting is only displayed and cannot be changed in the Web Client

Receive mails in addition to notifications

Users can set and decide whether to automatically send mail notifications for mentions, delegations, notifications or changes in observed datasets in addition to the messages in the CRM system to ensure proper information flow and that no information is lost.




Use entity name for Excel export

For lookup fields on entities the field attributes are considered for the export. It makes sense to split the long text into individual columns when exporting to Excel to allow editing and filtering the data afterwards. In order to avoid duplicate field names, the entity name can be displayed in the column title.

Dialog for returning documents after closing document mask

If documents were still borrowed, the dialog for returning borrowed documents is displayed when the main masks Activities and Documents are closed.

Open document set after import

The document set will be opened automatically after import

Extended File Handling

If active, the previous procedure for downloading / uploading documents is replaced by the new, comfortable and plug-in-based method.

Storage time for temporary documents (in days)

At this point, you define the storage period of the temporary documents.

Import of documents

You can decide for yourself whether or not to use the wizard when importing documents via drag & drop or when opening generated Excel documents.

  • Executing with complete wizard

The wizard is executed as before with all steps (including contact person and business partner linkages, if existing) when importing documents via drag & drop or when opening the generated Excel files.

  • Executing with partial wizard for BP and CP linking

Only one dialog is displayed to link all or respectively no contact persons or business partners (steps 3 and 4 of the original wizard), if there are contact persons or business partners to be linked.

  • Executing without wizard but with automatic linking (default)

No wizard will be executed. If contact persons or business partners to be linked exist, they will be linked automatically without request.

  • Without wizard - only link to the activity

No wizard will be executed. Even if contact persons or business partners to be linked exist, they will not be linked automatically. If linking is requested, you as user have to process this manually.

Show CTI calls in notification system

CTI calls are displayed in the notification system. To reduce the number of notifications, you can turn off the display.

Use CURSOR Onboarding Wizard

Displays the Onboarding Wizard to introduce new and old features.

The following user preferences are taken into account by the Web Client but cannot be edited in the profile page:

  • Use "equal" function during lookup validation (General area)

  • Time interval for activity default search in days (Activities area)

  • Reminder time interval (in minutes) (Activities area)

  • Automatic synchronization of contacts (Groupware area)

App settings



Name of cockpit search

This search is performed on the cockpit of the app

QR code to log in to the app

With a click on the button, the QR code for registration is generated and displayed. The user can scan it.

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