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Browser Extension for documents in the Web Client

CURSOR Browser Extension for Extended File Handling

The CURSOR Browser Extension provides for comfortable borrowing, editing and return of documents. In addition, it provides functions for the serial letter, link handling and external calls.

The main advantage is that the download and return of a document is done automatically, so you do not have to perform any manual actions. Thus the selection of the location and the explicit selection of a file on the return are omitted.

The browser extension is offered for download the first time you trigger an action that requires the extension. This is usually when a document is borrowed for the first time.

Message in Mozilla Firefox:

Message in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge:

This function is activated by default and can be disabled by user in the Extended File Handling user preferences. The extension is only supported on Windows operating systems and additionally requires the Communication Host, which is also offered for download after installing the extension.

Import Outlook mails via drag and drop (Firefox only)

For importing Outlook mails via drag and drop, an Outlook add-in is required if Mozilla Firefox is used. Depending on the Outlook version you are using, you will need the 32-bit or 64-bit variant.

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