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Importing documents in Web Client

Document import via dialog windows

To import a document that is saved on the local machine:

  1. Click the button
    Documents /
    New creation in the Areas menu
    Click the button of the document library
    and then
    Click the button
    New on the tab Documents in the sub area.
  2. Click on
    Please choose a file to upload and select a document to upload from your file system.
    Simply drag and drop a file from your local system into the import area.
  3. Confirm with Open. The document is uploaded and displayed as a dataset in a new tab.
  4. If necessary, assign other datasets to the document.


If a document has been uploaded using the

New button of the sub area, the links to the parent entity are created automatically.

Document import via drag and drop

In addition to the import via the dialog window, you can import your documents conveniently via drag and drop. With "dropping" of a document on the Cockpit, this document is included in the CRM system without further links. This corresponds to the action New document. In the case of dropping a dataset in the detail view, the document to be imported is linked to this dataset if this entity can be linked to documents. This corresponds to the action New document sub area. If the current entity cannot be linked to documents, the drop operation is not allowed. A corresponding message appears. After the document has been successfully dropped, the relevant document dataset is opened.


The user can see where to drop a document from the file system so that it is also imported. The same applies to the drop of emails.

With "dragOver" the drop zone is visualized. There are two types of DropZones:

  • the "dialogContent" of the cockpit and the detail masks
  • the extended drop zones in the branding bar

The two globalDropZones have different functionalities:

  • Drop on the COMMAND field links the document to the current detail dataset,
  • Drop on Header creates a new (unlinked) document.

When dropping to the desktop, a standalone document is created, and when dropping to an entity, a dependent document is created.

Figure: Visualization during drag & drop import

Figure: Visualization during drag & drop over header

Import multiple documents

It is also possible to upload several files simultaneously in the Web Client via drag and drop as well as via the new creation dialog. Thereby there is no link between the individual documents. The logics continue to apply, so the documents are still linked to the record on which they are dropped, and (if the setting is set) there is a link to the business partners and contact persons of the higher-level record.

As a side effect of this implementation, it is now also possible to import several emails via drag and drop.


However, it should be noted that the action can take a long time for many mails, since these are processed sequentially and this can lead to long waiting times for a large mailbox.

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