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Creating a quote document


  • To be able to create an quote document, the fields 1st signatory, 2nd signatory and contact person must be filled.

  • You are always able to create one quote document to a quote. You can replace an already existing document.

  • Make sure that the quote positions are designated with the actual prices. When the creation of the quote positions was made some time ago, it is possible that a price adaptation has been made in the meanwhile.


How to create a quote document:

  1. In the menu click Documents.

  2. Click Create quote.

  3. Select a quote template and confirm with OK. The assistant for the quote creation is initiated.

  4. Step 1/5 - Template selection
    If you have made a mistake here, you can go back to the previous step by clicking Change template.

  5. Step 2/5 - Subject and selection
    In this step you can see a summary of the quote value to check again whether the generation for the correct dataset has been initiated. You also have the opportunity to adapt the subject of the document to be generated.

  6. Step 3/4 - Generate activities, update quote and request status
    In this step you can select all actions that are to be initiated after successful generation. All three options can be activated mutually independently.

    [OPTIONAL] Protocol and/or reminder activity
    The protocol activity serves for the creation of the quote and the reminder activity can be used for follow up once the reminder date is overdue.
    The base data of the protocol activity can be maintained here. Some of those fields are deactivated since from the professional point of view changes may not be made here. Besides the maintenance of the base data a selection of the linked employees can be made over the button 'employee mapping'. In the allocation browser the current employee as well as a previously configured employee are indicated. This configuration is made in the template of the document. This makes sense so far that it is not necessary to manually find out which employee is responsible for the quote. He/she is at runtime automatically pre-allocated expedient to the quote.
    The last step of the reminder activity offers the same possibilities like the step of the reminder activity. Once the wizard is completed the quote generation starts and - when activated - also the allocation of the activities.
    It is not possible, just like the creation of single letters, to fade out the display of the options protocol- and reminder activity. The selection option is always available when you create a quote. However, as administrator, presetting of the options is possible

    [OPTIONAL] Update of quote and inquiry
    Once the option is active the status of the datasets are set to a configured value so that it can be seen that a quote has been generated. The status is set 'SENT'.

  7. Once all data are entered click Done.

  8. Word is started and the quote document is created. You can edit and print out the document in Word.

  9. Return the quote document.

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