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Business graphics (interactive charts)


The feature opens up various possibilities in the representation of your data. As far as permitted by your permission you have the possibility to configure and save own charts.

The following chart-types are possible:

  • pie chart

  • doughnut chart

  • Bar charts

  • Line charts

Depending on the chart type, you can configure the underlying chart data and appearance: Field, chart axes, color, pattern filling or interpolation.

You can also display the charts in the list view by dragging the angle symbols upwards. By default, the charts are hidden.

Chart types

Chart repositories are possible for complex analyzes for decision-makers. Once configured - always available in due consideration of the permission concept.

Chart in sub view of the windows client

Working with charts

Creating a chart

How to create a new chart:

  1. Click the button

    Add chart

  2. Assign a corresponding name, select type, field, colors, tonality or interpolation. The result is displayed as preview.

  3. Click on


  4. Click on the icon

    to exit the edit mode.

Configuration of a chart in the Chart Designer

Deleting a chart

How to delete a chart:

  1. Open an available graphic using the button

    Open chart.

  2. Delete the graphic by clicking on the button


Editing a chart

How to edit a chart:

  1. Switch with a click on

    to the editing mode. You can recognize the editing mode by the pencil symbol

  2. Make your changes.

  3. Click on


  4. Click on the icon

    to exit the edit mode.

View mode

Printing a chart

You can print any graphic. This is done in two steps.

  1. Click on the icon

  2. Save the PDF-file. You can now open and print the chart in your default program.

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