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Main area

Detail view

The main area contains all relevant information (data fields) of the dataset. For better clarity the fields can be spread over several tabs. If some data fields on the mask are not visible on a screen with low resolution, you can use the scroll bar to move the focus to these mask areas of the screen.

With a double-click on a free area, the main area can be maximized.

List view

If you want to display all relevant datasets of a search, you can display the results as a list. To access the list view, click List view in the active dataset. Double-click the caption in the column title to sort the results ascending or descending. Double-click the dataset or click on the icon in the first column to switch to the detailed view.

The number of datasets in a list is determined dynamically, depending on the device resolution and the available space, in order to make the best use of available space. On desktop PCs, the available space is optimally utilized for different displays or resolutions (applies to lists in the main area as well as in the sub area). When changing the resolution, a currently displayed list is dynamically adjusted according to the available space. This also applies when un-hide a previously hidden sub area. A minimum size of three datasets is valid, which will not be undercut.

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