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Info tile - Activity preview


The "Activity preview" info tile provides an interactive preview of one or more activities. It is located in the sub area of the respective entity. The tile is preset there as default.

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Supported Entities



The activity preview can display various activities in different modes. You can switch between the modes using the toolbar buttons or by changing the selection set, whereby the changes are persisted via the toolbar.

Detail view

The tile usually displays activities in the detail view. This shows the specific icon or document symbol according to the type of activity.

Furthermore, the Detail View shows the metadata of the activity, such as the period, delegation, status, as well as the time stamps and the shortcuts of the corresponding authors. Specific to the type of activity, other fields are also displayed, such as the remind date.

Content view

If the tile is in the detail view, you can switch to the preview view by clicking the Document content button.

The corresponding email/reminder/appointment etc. is displayed in the preview.


For CC and BCC of an email, these are also displayed accordingly. By clicking on an attachment, the selected document opens in the CRM.


By clicking the date preview, the activity opens in the detail view.

When hovering over the or one recipient, all other recipients are displayed and you can click on them.




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