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Copying documents via clipboard in Windows Client


You can copy documents within the application, without the need to save them first as local copy in order to have it imported subsequently.

Copying documents into clipboard

To copy documents in the application to the clipboard, the following options are provided:

  1. In the Main window Documents the switch

    Copy into clipboard is provided.
    Clicking on this button copies the document currently displayed in the main mask to the clipboard.
    The menu item is also available in the context menu of the document window.

  2. In the List view of documents (main mask list, sub area list) there is the context menu entry

    Copy documents to clipboard.
    This copies all marked lines (= documents) to the clipboard.

Inserting documents from the clipboard

To insert previously copied documents, a menu item Insert documents is provided in the context menu entry of a main window. This menu item is only selectable when documents have been copied previously and can then be assigned to the current entity Documents. If this menu item is selected, a dialog opens asking whether the previously copied documents should be assigned to the current set in the main mask or whether the documents should be copied.

You can:

  1. Adopt document linkages
    The current dataset in the main window is linked with the previously copied documents, i.e. the documents only exist once.

  2. Copy documents
    The documents are physically copied before being linked to the current sentence.

  3. Cancel
    Inserting the documents is aborted without further action.

Once one activity Adopt document allocation or Copy documents is selected the corresponding activity is executed.

Special cases with 'Copy documents'

If you have decided to copy documents, the following special cases can occur. The named special cases can also occur in combination with each other. In such a case, the special cases are processed sequentially.

External documentsSome external documents exist in the clipboard. These are documents that are available in an external document management system.The user can proceed the copying process without these documents or he/she can abort the activity.
Documents borrowed by othersSome documents exist in the clipboard which are still borrowed by other users.The user can continue copying without these documents or cancel the action.
Own borrowed documentsSome own documents exist in the clipboard which are still borrowed from the current user.The user can return the listed documents, proceed the copying process without these documents or abort the activity.

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