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Lookup using a lookup browser

If the lookup browser is opened using the lookup button

, a table is shown with the entries available for selection. Entries that are not selectable are highlighted in gray. The Hide non-selectable check box allows you to hide and unselect non-selectable entries. This option is enabled by default.

Figure: Opened table of a lookup field

When clicking

Reset in the key table, you can clear a lookup field and navigate back to the search mask. Condition: the lookup field must not be a required field. The Key column can be sorted descending or ascending with a mouse click on
. To filter keys, type a search term into the filter field (or multiple filter fields) and press the ENTER key

The button for inserting the empty key is grayed out if the empty key is not allowed for the corresponding field. Currently, a search dialog opens, in which the available keys can be searched.

For detailed information on how to enter and select the lookup field using the keyboard, see the section Keystrokes (Web Client).

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