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Navigation bar


The navigation bar consists of the following elements:

  • myCRM area

  • the level bar

  • a quickstart bar

The size of the navigation area can be controlled through the divider | by dragging it to the left or to the right and dropping it. Alternatively, you can completely hide or show it through the navigation arrows < >.

Above that you can navigate through the history in the main window of the currently opened dataset to the parent datasets. Additionally you are informed about the datasets used to open the actual dataset.

Special features in the Web Client

The "collapsed" state of the navigation area is persisted. The last state is restored when logging on. In combination with the autostart, you can continue working in the view as shown in the figure directly after logging in. The overlay navigation area cannot be persisted for technical reasons. The native view of the area is provided for this purpose. To close the navigation pane, you can now click anywhere outside the overlays. If another control element is activated during the click, its function is additionally executed as shown in the figure.


Web Client interface with actions that affect the navigation pane

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