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Opening a main window

Opening a main window in a new level

To edit a select dataset, open it through the corresponding main window. Proceed as follows:

  1. In the tree available information areas are listed. They can be opened there with the mouse.
    Select the desired information area from the menu File.

  2. The single field search opens. It does not contain data yet.

  3. To open the desired data, use the Search.

  4. Click the desired dataset.

  5. The selected dataset is loaded and displayed in the main window. The dependent information are shown in a new level in the tree.

A dataset shown in an existing level in the main window, can be opened again in another level. This makes sense, when data from one level are to be compared to data from the other level, for example.

  1. Mark the desired dataset from the tree.

  2. Select Open as Level from the context menu.

  3. The main window opens in a new level with the desired dataset.

Opening a main window in an existing level

To completely display a dependent dataset, it can be displayed in its main window. A main window can be opened multiple times within a level.

  1. In the tree, do a double click on the dataset.
    Select the desired information area from the menu File.

  2. The main window of the selected dataset opens.

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