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Search in sub view of the Windows client

Definable search

Fuzzy search is a search that uses the contains condition to search for a criterion across multiple fields. If you are dealing with larger amounts of data, you can quickly find the desired data sets for the superordinate entity using the Fuzzy search.

Superordinated is the entity dataset that is located in the detail view.

To execute a Fuzzy search:

  1. Enter a criterion (search term) into the search field.

  2. Click the button

    press the key INPUT ↵.

  3. The search is executed. In the sub area, only datasets that meet this criterion are visible.

The following logic is used for the execution:

  • The search belonging to the sub area is executed and delivers the max. number of results (10,000). This means that relevant data is determined as a restricted quantity.

  • After this, the actual entered search criteria are taken into account. In this case, the previously restricted quantity is searched by means of a fuzzy search.

  • The search results from the fuzzy search are displayed within the table of the sub area.
    Removing the search criterion and restarting the search with the Enter key or the button restores the sub area set initially loaded.

  • The same function is also available in the list view of the sub area.

  • It is technically impossible to consider more than the first 10,000 datasets.
    This means that if there are more than 10,000 datasets in a sub area, only the top 10,000 datasets are considered according to the server-side sorting of the sub area.

  • In the fuzzy search all indexed fields of an entity are considered.
    This means that search criteria are not shown in the table columns (e.g. activity text).

  • Column filters are removed when the Fuzzy search is executed. However, you can use the filter function afterwards.

Preset searches (entity filter)

Large amounts of data in the sub area are confusing and make it difficult to find specific information. A drop-down-box provides a better overview. It contains (per configuration) different views. For example, only mails (activity types MAILEIN, MAILAUS, MAILINT) or only telephone calls can be displayed for activities. The views - technically they are sub area quick searches - act as a filter on the sub area data, which is why this function is also referred to as an "Entity filter".

The entity filters are specified by your administrator.

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