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Export the search result list as an Excel file


The data export can take place on your client computer or on a special server. If you are dealing with smaller amounts of data, use the Excel export (xls or csv format). If you are dealing with larger amounts of data, you should run the export via the server. When the ‘System Job’ job is finished, you are notified that the csv file is ready to be downloaded.


iPad users

To export the search result list as an Excel file to an iPad, you should configure the Safari browser to allow JavaScript pop-ups. Safari must be configured for the maximum functionality of the Web Client so that JavaScript pop-ups are generally allowed.

Client-side export

To export the search results as an Excel file:

  1. Mark the table by clicking the symbol

    Select table
    Alternatively, click the symbol
    to select all lines or delete all markers.


    If you want to export only individual datasets, select them with the button

    + one mouse click.

  2. Click the drop-down icon
  3. Select the desired file format:
    • Export XLS file

    • Export CSV file
  4. Excel starts and opens the table in the selected format.

Server-side export

To export the search results as a csv file:

  1. Execute the search.

  2. Click on
    Data export.
  3. The server executes the export.
  4. When the export file is finished, you will be notified in the Quick Start Bar. The file can now be downloaded.
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