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Path navigation

The path navigation (also known as breadcrumbs) is a navigation element in the detailed view, which shows the path to the current dataset (this can also be a report, a search, or a mail dialog). This navigation improves the orientation within deeply branched elements by providing links to previously opened, superordinate datasets. Each newly opened dataset is opened in a new tab.

Figure: Path navigation

Navigates back and selects a higher-level dataset in the history (in the example: Activity), all subordinate datasets (in the example: Contact Person and Document) can be closed. A dialog appears if you have made changes to the subordinate datasets. You can then save all changes of subordinated datasets in this dialog.

When closing a level, the notification also applies to borrowed documents of sub areas. For example, if you have borrowed a document for an Activity in the sub area, the notification will be displayed when closing the Activity level.

Figure: Notification for borrowed documents in the sub area

  • To go to the parent level of the current dataset, click

    Go back one page. The current level is closed and you switch to a higher level.

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