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Back and forward button in Windows Client

Your maximum of 20 last steps are logged so that you can use the buttons


to go back or forwards to these pages or datasets.

The following steps are recorded:

  • Opening a level

  • Closing a level

  • Switching to another level

  • Opening a window

  • Closing a window

  • Switch from list view to form view

  • Conducting a search

  • Scrolling to datasets

With a click on the buttons you go back or forth one step at a time. When you fold out the menus to the buttons, you can go directly to the desired page.

Backward/forward button does not work in the following cases:

  • When a dataset is edited in lis view (only the list itself can be opened again, the edited dataset cannot be opened)

  • When a dataset has been deleted

  • When entering criteria into a search

  • For datasets not being standard search volume (e.g. Activity = 100)

  • When a new creation is aborted

  • If a filter is set within the sub view area and when then a dataset is opened, it is not possible to navigate through the backward-button.

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