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CRM default masks in BPM


You can now include your customized CRM masks in BPM process workflows. This will combine the options of CURSOR-BPM with your own customizing in the CRM masks. This is a useful feature, as transaction process management usually contains two process types:

  1. Processes with which the users are given very precise action options (so-called “normative processes”), and

  2. processes that do require basic workflows and participants, but allow the persons responsible extensive freedom for the execution of the relevant task (so-called "dynamic or adaptive case management").

For the first scenario, CURSOR-BPM has long since offers specific BPM masks. You can now also implement processes of the second scenario by integrating your CURSOR-CRM entity masks, instead of special BPM dialogs. The CURSOR-CRM entity masks defined in the process with all default operating options and custom logics will open for the employee during the process flow. You can therefore implement highly flexible processes efficiently and without having to define separate dialogs. In effect, we are offering you the options of an iBPMS (intelligent process management system).

When a CRM default mask is reached during the course of the process, then the phase overview, additional information about the process step and the process navigation bar will also be displayed, just like you are used to in process masks. In other words: all the advantages of BPM and CRM are perfectly combined.

The integrated CRM masks allow you to execute actions for the displayed data (in the mask or in the search result), which were previously not available in BPM GUI:

  • Deleting from a list

  • Assigning data to sub areas, etc.

Some client logics in the CRM masks will also be mapped more simply in BPM user tasks (e.g. quote processing, incl. items). Some user activities are very diverse, which means that not every task could be fit into the BPM masks.

Integrating CRM detail masks in CURSOR-BPM

How to configure the integration of CRM detail masks in CURSOR-BPM

  • Select a user task in the implementation model and select the new type CRM detail mask

  • Specify the relevant CRM entity that must be selected in the data model or provided by variable

  • Select the variable containing the primary key with which the CRM detail mask is to be opened (only variables of type Object or PrimaryKey are permitted)

  • Alternatively, an IContainer variable with a valid primary key can be passed

  • Define, whether clicking Continue after completing a task in a process step should close the CRM detail mask. The default setting is "no", which means that the relevant entity remains open for the user. The mask will only close if the dataset is open in the top level (main node).

  • Alternatively, the process can also be continued when the user task is opened. The process will then, however, no longer contain the updated data of the open dataset if that dataset is retrospectively edited by the user. It is advisable to reserve this option for the end of the process.

Figure: Implementation of CRM default masks


  • These actions are offered to the user via the task list as standard. The BPM mask will not open, but the CRM default mask will - including a phase overview and a button for continuing the process instance.

  • If the dataset is currently open in the detail view, then no new level will open for a new action. Instead, the phase overview will be displayed in the current detail view.

  • The phase overview is also visible if the dataset is opened via the normal CRM search mask, instead of via the task list.

  • The phase overview disappears, once the user task is completed.

  • Depending on the option configuration, the default mask will close.

  • If the user task is followed by another user task for the current user, then the next task will be offered right away.

Figure: CRM mask in the BPM process

Accessing open process user tasks in CRM masks

As administrator, you can use mask scripts to access open process user tasks in CRM masks

The integration of CRM masks now allows users to process remaining tasks as described in the CRM default masks.
The process can be continued via mask script if a dataset is opened by a user for working on a user task. You can therefore simulate the user's click on "Continue" or the relevant shortcut ALT+W.

The following two methods in the CRM entity mask scripts are provided for that purpose:

  • TaskUtils.complete(): this method simulates the triggering of "Continue" (when the user clicks the "Continue" symbol or uses the shortcut ALT+W). This action closes the process step.

  • TaskUtils.isEntityLinkedToTask(String processId): This method allows you to check, whether a dataset is linked to a user task. If that is the case, then the method returns true. Specifying the parameter ProzessID allows a focus on the particular process only.

The method presumes that the user task is currently open in the detail mask of the CRM entity, which means that it cannot be applied to user tasks that are assigned to a user group.

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