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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use other Internet browsers?

In principle the answer is: Yes. You can also use alternative browsers such as Safari, Opera, Chrome, Breave or Vivaldi. Ensure that you keep the applications up-to-date. These browsers do well with the Web Client of CURSOR Software AG. However, CURSOR Software AG does not provide any support if problems occur.

Supported browsers can be found in the document: Systemvoraussetzungen

How can I change the font size?

The font size can be controlled directly via your browser, not via the Web Client.

In the chapter Tips and Tricks you will find instructions on how to set it in your browser.

I cannot see the login mask in the browser

Check the web address at which the server is available or ask your administrator.

I cannot login

Check your login data (user name and password). Also check the settings in your browser to see if scripting is allowed. Some extensions can prevent this. You may not be enabled as a Web Client user. Ask your administrator if appropriate modules on the server have been enabled for you.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, I was automatically logged out. Why?

The interaction between the Web Client and the server to which the client accesses is referred to as the session. If you did not perform any action in 30 minutes, the application assumes that you have forgotten to log out (end the session manually). For security reasons, the session is terminated and the connection to the server is disconnected.

The duration of the session may vary depending on the setting in your system.

Details can be found in the section Log in/Log out.

The application does not respond: 'Transfer of data from...' remains

If the application does not respond (for example, the tabs cannot be closed, search can not be executed) and the message in the status bar of the Firefox browser ('Transfer of data from...'), this indicates the termination of the network connection.

Causes for this can be very different:

  1. If you are using the WLAN connection (as shown in the figure below), check that the connection between your device and the WLAN router is established. (e.g. open another tab in the browser and call up any Internet page).
    WLAN connections often involve that the connection is temporarily interrupted by reason of interference from external devices.

  2. Use the LAN connection, check if the cable connection between your device and the LAN device exists.

  3. Use a secure VPN connection to your corporate network, check if the connection is established.

  4. Check the configuration of your network (DNS server, proxy server, etc.)

Figure: Notification in the browser's status bar that the data is being transferred.

How can I print a report?

First open the report in the Web Client and download the report as a PDF file. You can print the report using a default application for PDF documents.

For details, see the section Layout and formating of reports.

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