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Info tile - Kanban activities


Desktop tile


Entity tile

(Plus) available for the following entities: all


The info tile "Kanban activities" supports the user in managing his tasks according to the Kanban method. Here the individual tasks are created as activities. This makes it possible to set deadlines for tasks and keep track of them via the tile.


Moving of tasks

By moving a task to another lane, the status of the task can be changed. When the task is placed, a dialog appears that shows the user a list of possible statuses. The user can now set and confirm the status, or discard the dialog so that the task is moved back to its original lane.


The tile offers a filter function that can be used to search for all displayed texts. The contents of the tasks are not browsed.

Compressed view

With the button you can compress the view so that only the most important information (title, status) is displayed. This gives the user a better overview when the tile represents many tasks.

Tasks of all employees

If the tile is used as an entity tile, the user is shown the tasks of other employees in addition to his own tasks. In a project, for example, the progress can be viewed based on the tasks. A button allows you to switch between the view of your own tasks and the tasks of all employees.

Marking of due and overdue tasks

A parameter (see below) can be used to specify the time period in which the user is visually notified that a task is due soon. These tasks are highlighted in yellow. If a task is already overdue, i.e. the end date is in the past, this task is highlighted in red. This does not apply to tasks that have already been completed.

Work in progress

To limit the number of tasks started, their number can be limited by a configuration parameter (see below). If the number of tasks is exceeded, the "In progress" lane is colored yellow. It is still possible to start other tasks.



Search name

The technical name of the search to be displayed.

Activities of the last and coming x days

Count of days to be considered in the future and past. All activities from this period are displayed in the tile.

Labeling of the columns

The meaningful names of the three lanes, e.g. Open, In progress and Done

Relation name to activity

This parameter is only effective when the tile is used on an entity. If there are several relations to the activity, this parameter can be used to specify the relation to be used. If only one relation exists, it is displayed by default...

Sets the range in days for the color marking of activities that will be due soon

Time period in days during which the tasks that will be due soon are highlighted in yellow.

Work in progress

Count of activities that may be in process at the same time

"In progress" column

Indicates which of the lanes is the "In progress" column. The parameter should be found in the label of the lanes.

Status to the lanes

Indicates which statuses are displayed in which lane. These must be specified in the following structure:

  • Lanes are separated by commas

  • if a lane contains several statuses, they are summarized in [ ] and separated by semicolons

  • Example:


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